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Automate contact centre quality assurance and compliance monitoring in three simple steps.

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Easy-to-build, custom scorecards

Create your own customisable scorecards using the step-by-step builder - code free. Choose from a range of pre-built adherences for a quick start or easily build adherences based on meanings, sentiments, phrases, keywords, and more.


Evaluate more calls

Simply upload call recordings or transcripts to our secure endpoint. All audio file formats, in mono or dual-channel, supported. Agent Cogo processes and evaluates customer interactions according to your scorecards.


Rich, flexible output

Visualise scorecard results and jump to call segments. Quickly understand where agents are struggling and who needs more support. Get actionable insights in Agent Cogo's analytics dashboard or directly in your current contact centre/BI tools.

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Agent Cogo evaluates script adherence like a champ.

Construct adherences to look for agents providing information, asking for information or seeking customer feedback. Accurately detect script adherence, whether verbatim or non-verbatim according to conversation intent - all without the need to craft your own custom vocabularies. Evaluate call statistics such as sentiment and pace. Apply component weights to each adherence to determine overall call quality.

We are continually adding new features. Tell us about your requirements.

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Agent Cogo's infrastructure is built to protect your data according to industry best practices.

Agent Cogo encrypts all data in transit and at rest. Data transfer is protected using industry-standard TLS 1.2 protocol. Data at rest is encrypted using AES-256 algorithm.

Customer owns the data. Agent Cogo's infrastructure is managed by code and only the customer has access to their data. The Agent Cogo team does not use or monetise any customer data.

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Agent Cogo makes integration easy.

Connect to your Amazon S3 buckets or Dropbox folders in minutes. Or manage uploads and downloads using the RESTful API or in the browser. All outputs are exported in JSON.

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No more manual scoring

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